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Annual Report and Accounts 2015

Delivering for our
Customers and Stakeholders

  • Big Yellow / Our Culture is our Brand

    We have the market leading brand, the largest
    online market share
    and we focus on London,
    the South East and large metropolitan cities,
    where barriers to entry are at their highest.

    You Gov
    Awareness Survey
    May 2015

    Base: All UK Adults


    What are the names of any
    self storage companies
    you can think of?

    52% Big Yellow

    • 4% Access
    • 1% Big Box
    • 7% Safestore
    • 6% Shurgard
    • 32% None
    • 13% Other
    • 5% Don’t Know

    22% Big Yellow

    • 1% Access
    • 1% Armadillo
    • 1% Big Box
    • 1% Kangaroo
    • 2% Lok n Store
    • 3% Safestore
    • 15% Other
    • 58% None
    • 6% Don't Know



    Base: All London Adults


    What are the names of any
    self storage companies you
    can think of?

    Our Brand Strategy
    / A Brand based on People

    By creating one powerful brand nationwide,
    Big Yellow is front of mind for more customers in our market than our competitors, with significant potential to increase this brand awareness.

    All of our people share a passion for delivering the service our customers deserve, helping them get through stressful life changes such as moving home.

    That is our Brand.


    Customer at Big Yellow Oxford I found it all a very stress free experience during a stressful time of moving home and needing somewhere to safely store my belongings for a couple of months. I found the staff friendly and helpful.’

  • Customer Service / With a smile …

    Our friendly and helpful staff are one of the main reasons why customers choose
    Big Yellow. 11,600 online reviews of our customer service are testament to this.

    The wellbeing of our staff is important to us and we provide an enjoyable working environment without losing our commitment to delivering the very best standards of customer service. A continuous investment in training and encouraging a culture of partnership through bonus and incentive schemes is critical to our continued success of delivering unrivalled customer service.

    We work hard to understand our customers’ storage requirements and give the best service possible whether it is face to face, over the phone or through our user friendly website, mobile site or online chat.

    Our customer support centre is on hand seven days a week to provide an additional layer of customer service. All calls are answered promptly and the customer support team take the time to talk people through our service, provide quotes and answer any questions.

    Customer reviews are also published on the website and show an extremely high level of satisfaction. We also invite customers to submit reviews to a third party review site which are currently averaging 9.5 out of 10.

    We put the customer at the heart of our business. We are someone our customers can trust. We are proud of our people and they are integral to the success of our company.

    Proud of our People


    Customer at Big Yellow Battersea The experience was an excellent one purely due to the flawless customer service I received. I particularly appreciated the transparency around costs and the detailed information I was given in advance.”

  • Innovation / With an eye on staying ahead of the game

    At Big Yellow, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers’ lives
    and make the business
    more environmentally sustainable.

    We are continually improving our digital platforms for our online visitors, providing a seamless and informed user experience. We have recently relaunched our mobile optimised website with a focus on usability for the growing number of mobile users visiting Big Yellow online.

    We develop online tools to help our web visitors make comfortable and informed choices about their self storage requirements. Video store tours, comprehensive FAQs, easy to use size guides and online chat are all available for our online visitors. Additionally, our customers can reserve their room and check-in online to make life even easier for them.

    Innovative building design is part of our commitment to a more sustainable business. We look to incorporate the latest technologies such as energy efficient lighting and solar panels to reduce our carbon foot print and produce our own renewable energy.

    We continually analyse and improve the web journey for online visitors and have re-launched a newly designed mobile website in 2015 to facilitate the customers ever-changing needs.

    Customer Focussed


    Customer at Big Yellow Staples Corner From the initial website enquiry and phone call, through to booking, online check-in and storage, everything was very quick and easy. Prices are transparent.”

  • Security / That is second to none

    We provide the highest levels of security in the UK self storage industry.
    We have invested significantly to ensure our customers enjoy peace of mind.

    We are the only major UK operator where every room in every store is individually alarmed.

    Secure perimeter fencing, electronic coded gates, intruder alarms, PIN code entry and CCTV which is externally monitored 24 hours a day, provide additional levels of security for our customers.

    The importance of security and the need for vigilance is communicated to all store staff and reinforced through regular training.

    24 hour CCTV
    24 hour CCTV

    Our digital CCTV systems are externally monitored 24 hours a day, providing an additional level of security especially for customers with extended hours access.

    Ensuring Peace of Mind


    Customer at Big Yellow Birmingham Very impressed with your level of service, the cleanliness of the facility and the security key pads to access each area.”

    Alarmed rooms
  • Key

    Tick / Untick to see individual store locations

    Portfolio / An extensive national network

    Our customers like our modern, highly visible,
    purpose built stores which are situated in safe
    and easily accessible locations.

    Our customers like our modern, highly visible, purpose built stores which are situated in safe and easily accessible locations.

    We have opened our Enfield store on the A10 in London and our Gypsy Corner store situated next to the A40 in London. We also acquired two stores in Oxford and Chester. This and our other high profile store locations contribute to the growing awareness of self storage and our brand.

    We have an unrivalled portfolio across London, the South East and large metropolitan cities, with a network of 84 stores.

    Outside London
    – 49 stores and sites

    – 38 stores

    70 easy to find, high profile locations provide convenience for customers and unmissable exposure for the Big Yellow brand.

    14 Armadillo stores further broaden our national coverage

    High profile locations.

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